Thursday, September 24, 2009 IN BLOGSPOT

After the Arabs ran over Delhi in the 11th century or thereabouts, their Turkish slaves established a sultanate or kingdom. Balban was one of those sultans who suffered from illusions of grandeur. He believed himself to be a descendant of the Persian king Darius, kept a spade like beard and followed outlandish protocols in his court. I was thinking of it as I waited for my turn in the court of similarly bearded rukol nadam in Delhi High Court. An advocate arguing a case stood with his back to me, his hands clasped behind, he was continuously twirling his thumbs. Now to a Bengali like me that was an ominous sign. It meant nil, neti, nahi…Disgusted, I left the court…in the evening my counsel phoned me to inform that I had lost the case.

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chartered engineer(India), B.Sc., risk management consultant, blogger and layabout!
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