Friday, September 18, 2009 FROM BLOGSPOT

The pest control guy has finished spraying the house with insecticide or whatever cide it is, and I am sitting inhaling a sweet cloying smell. Now, what would happen if I pass out ? The pcg didn’t say what antidote was to be used in such an event. So, I am probaly going to experience a near-death sensation. Would it be like a scene from the movie Ghost where Patrick Swayze (may he rest in peace) gets even with his treacherous buddy. Alas, the entity raising such murderous feelings in my mind is a corporate body, which gave me the sack without much ado. Losing consciousness, I slumped over the laptop, then slid on the floor, my mind full of visions of hellish revenge as depicted (nearly) by Hieronymous Bosch during the fall.

About chepeyja

chartered engineer(India), B.Sc., risk management consultant, blogger and layabout!
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