Haute Coutre and its Cool Cousin

Reviewing the move to amend copyright law for fashion designers, Kal R. and Christopher S. recently wrote in NYT that trends are what fashion is about and copying creates trends. Though far removed from such activities, I once contributed the following to a web portal.

On knowing that fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is going to introduce a new line with his name in it, New York retailers Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman placed orders without even looking at the samples. Lagerfeld is putting up a runway show in New York and it has generated considerable interest.

Normally, pricey outlets for designer garments do not deal in low-priced items even if they are from a designer. The exception is Lagerfeld whose perception of what the consumers want and how they wear clothes in reality is acute and translate into higher sales figures. Perhaps, his experience in other products of him like accessories and fragrances and interest in book publishing and photography helps in to strike the target or areas close to it.

It seems Lagerfeld’s advise to MS Ward, head of the Hilfeger design team in NY (Lagerfeld’s partners in the venture) is to be cool, urban, modern and effortless. The preview items consisted of dark wool flannel madras shirts, striped sweaters and shrunken sweatshirts. The jeans, baggy in the seats, are otherwise tight; their denim is coated with resin so as to give a damp look which would improve with wear.

The storeowners of Bergdorf-Goodman regard Lagerfeld as a visionary and believe that he has rockstar power. Another proprietor of a store says Lagerfeld’s position in the field of fashion is similar to that of Madonna in the realm of music. Both of them reinvent themselves regularly to stay ahead of their peers.

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